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Welcome to AdheUltra


AdheUltra is a company with operations in Mexico and the United States that specializes in the distribution of Adhesives and Epoxy Resins, Sealants and Dispensing Equipment as well as consumables related to this activity and has a division specialized in the specific requirements of the Opto Electronics industry.


Under our trademark AdheUltra, we include products manufactured by leading manufacturers of custom formulated adhesives and compounds used in advanced technology applications. We supply superior quality products that are used in the electronics / microelectronics, medical devices, semiconductor, fiber optic, aerospace and automotive industries.











AdheUltra is committed to providing its customers with the best possible products, as well as an unparalleled service. Customers have the option to choose from our wide range of standard tested products or allow us to help you create new formulations specific to your application criteria.


Our product line is constantly expanding to meet the requirements of innovative materials for the electronics, microelectronics, medical and aerospace industries.

What is the right type of adhesive?

There are many types of adhesives and adhesives that can be used for advanced technologies. Using the right type is important for reliable performance of the adhesive and the component. With the help of Epoxyset, we can offer you the best adhesive solution for your application. Epoxyset offers epoxy, silicone and polyurethane adhesive solutions.

Specialized Epoxys
Adhesives and Sealants
Opto/Electronics Consumables