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Fiber Optic Polishing Film





  • The fiber optic polish film is the finally necessary item in fiber optic jumper wire grinding procedure.
  • It can minimize the scratch, there won't be binding left on fiber surface after polished, and long service life, effectively save jumper cost. 
  • The fiber optic polishing film is coated with precisely graded minerals (such as diamond, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, silicon oxide, cerium oxide and so on) on the high strength polyester backing to provide a uniform, consistent finish.
  • Available in 0.01-45 μm grades, with or without PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) backing.
  • Fiber optic connector polishing
  • Designed for high volume manufacturing
  • Quick change tooling
  • APC back reflection as low as -70 dB
  • UPC back reflection as low as -60 dB
  • Insertion loss 0.2 dB typical
  • Super centering accuracy
  • Low undercut
  • Excellent connector endface polishing quality

Product Type Application


Diamond (D)

  • Lapping for Fiber optic connector, fiber array, glass pig tail(angel removal, rough grinding, medium polishing, fine finishing)

  • Polishing for magnetic heads and hard disks

  • Lapping and polishing for optical glasses, optical crystal , LED

  • Lapping and polishing for Semiconductor wafer (gallium arsenide, indium phosphide etc.)

  • Edge polishing for silicon wafer

Silicon Carbide (SC)

  • Epoxy and glass removal

  • Lapping and polishing for plastic ferrules

  • Fine finishing and polishing for magnetic heads

Aluminum Oxide (AO)

  • Polishing for fiber optical connectors
  • Polishing for silicon wafer used in Solar cells
  • Polishing for hard disks
  • Polishing for ITO
  • Lapping and polishing for optical crystal

Cerium Oxide (CO)

  • The final polishing for fiber optical connectors
  • Polishing for optical devices


Silica Oxide (SO)

  • The final super-precise polishing of optical fiber connector