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Adhesives and Sealants

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Adhesives and Sealants
Dispensing Machine

The adhesive is a substance that can hold two or more bodies together by surface contact. From a technological point of view, adhesives are the components of the group of products, natural or synthetic, which allow obtaining a mechanical fixation.


A sealant or sealant is a viscous material that changes to a solid state once applied and is used to prevent the penetration of air, gas, noise, dust, fire, smoke or liquids from one place to another through the sealed barrier.

We have a wide range of equipment for dispensing adhesives, resins and greases as well as consumables related to this activity.


We are at your service to recommend a solution that fits your specific needs with either one of the line teams or solutions tailored to your needs.

Specialized Epoxy and Resins

The term "epoxy" refers to both any of the components and the final product (curing) of the so-called epoxy resins. It is also the colloquial name for the epoxy functional group.


Epoxy resins, also called polyepoxides, are a class of reactive polymers and prepolymers, which contain epoxy groups. The reaction of the polyepoxides with themselves or with polyfunctional hardeners results in thermosetting polymers, which usually have good mechanical properties and high chemical and thermal resistance.


Epoxy resins have a wide range of applications including metallic coatings, use in electronic / electrical and LED components, insulators in high voltage installations, in paints, in fiber reinforced materials and as structural adhesives.

Opto Electronics and High Tech Manufacturing Consumables

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